3 Try-Out Things at April Fool’s Day That Make Look Your Friend Dumb

By | March 18, 2020
April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is one of the coldest days of human history. Though, there are is no single evidence about it. A lot of references are present to trace their origin. Though, each one of them gives a variant interpretation. No single trace gives the exact origin. One thing is quite clear by now. The origin doesn’t matter at all.

All that matters is what purpose it can serve now. Could there be social implications of this day? Could there be helpful social constructs by this day? All these things are worth considering. Because a symbolic day has a moral impact as well. This impact could go pro moral values of society. This impact also could go against social ethos. Keeping in view cultural differences, April Fool’s Day is variations in acceptance.

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Each culture celebrates it according to the cultural norm. British celebrate this day. American celebrates this day. A lot of other cultures all across the globe celebrate this day. The way of celebration is though different. Tech giants would crack jokes on AI. Eyewear products would crack jokes at Wiley X Spear. Friends would crack jokes on each other. That’s how it goes on. What’s your take on it?

1-Good Liars – Bad liars – Great Liars

Telling lies is one of the most anticipated aspects of April Fool’s Day. People tell lies each to each other. Though, all of them aren’t good at it. Some of them are so good at it. Some of them are so bad at it. Some of them are good liars. Some of them are bad liars. A few of them are even great lairs. They know how to portray a well-measures lie. Is telling a lie is all about April Fool’s Day? No other aspect of amusement? No other aspect of happiness? But the truth is April Fool’s Day is all about telling lies. Could there be more than that? Yes, there could be.

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2-Taking Things On a Whole Different Level

How can make things look better? How can you make things sound better? It’s more like an individual approach. Some celebrate the way one wants to. What about you? How would portray the amazement of April Fool’s Day? One thing is clear. That a lot of shitty aspects are present in the world.

How would you portray that shitty aspect on April Fool’s Day? An individual approach. Take things on a whole new level. Figure out things the way you want them to be. Figure out things that can portray a better moral impact on society. Portray the morality of this that not just brings happiness. But it also brings a good though. These are the things that matter in the end. These are the things that impact society in the end. Even a day like April Fool’s Day can bring a positive thing into society. Trying to make that happen is worth a while. Not just for society. But also for you.

3-Don’t Be Traditionalist – No One’s Fool Today

Are you gearing up to make your friends fool? Are you gearing up to make anyone fool? Just don’t. No one’s fool enough today Intentionally it doesn’t seem likely to fool someone. It doesn’t seem fair as well. What taking things out of fairness? It sounds like a good approach.

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Putting an element of abruptness & surprise in it can change things. Because surprising people is a lot easier than to fool them intentionally. Cracking jokes could be a good option. Making practical jokes is also a good option. These are all the things equally applicable. Because all of them have an element of happiness for the audience. That’s how traditions are still alive in societies.

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