10 Best Ideas to Celebrate Chocolate Caramel Day in 2020

By | March 17, 2020
Celebrate Chocolate Caramel Day

19th March marks as the ‘Chocolate Caramel Day’. Feel free to try out various recipes that you’ve always wanted to. This day lets you bring out the inner confectioner in you! If you’re on the lookout to celebrate this day in style, look no further. Here are some fantastic ideas to help make this day extra special for you & your friends.

1-A Luscious Chocolate Breakfast

Surprise everyone with a deluge of sugar & carbohydrates! Yes, chocolate is a great way to kick start your day with zest & energy. Children would love the idea of having something so delicious as their breakfast! Try googling a bunch of recipes before you make a dish. You can even ask your folks about what would they like in a chocolate dessert. We promise that you’ll love the smile on their faces once they see a delicious chocolate meal at their dining table!

2-A Picnic

It’s always a good idea to go out on a picnic if you’re just plain tired of visiting cafes downtown. Just remember to wear a snazzy pair of glasses such as 3M CLASSIC 3 for eye protection & apply sunscreen if you’re going out during summers. Outdoors are often more fun for most families because everyone can have a good time basking in the fields.

3-Eat A Different Type of Chocolate

Haven’t tried dark chocolate yet? Today’s the day then! Unexplored ways are often the best. There’s simply no way that one has tried everything under the sun. There are tons & tons of experimentations going on novel recipes for chocolates. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience eating one. Take out your significant other on a date & discover new flavors! Who knows, you might end up discovering a brand new favorite flavor!

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4-Stumble on New Chocolateries

There are always cool confectionaries if you have a sweet tooth! In case you haven’t done it already, mark this day especially for the sake of trying out brand new stores that sell chocolates. Not only this would add to your information but you could let your friends know if they are just visiting that area to try new places to eat & have fun.

5-Gift a Chocolate Box

You can use this gift to express your love to your bae or spouse. Chocolates never disappoint! So you could always resort to gifting them away to anyone at any time during the year. There’s no reason why you should only gift them on other occasions such as Valentine’s Day. If you don’t want to, feel free to self-treat by purchasing a gigantic box of chocolates!

6-Visiting a Chocolate Factory

Willie Wonka would be delighted! Yes, paying a visit to a local factory would be both productive & mouth-watering at the same time. Not only it would enable you to appreciate the whole process of chocolate making but it would also be a fun experience overall. There are many factories which have visiting hours for strangers.

7-Order a Chocolate Caramel Doughnut

Treat yourself with a delightful doughnut that’s glazed with caramel & covered in rich chocolate. This day is an exception to your diet regiment so why not take full advantage of it? There are plenty of stores that may offer amazing doughnuts. You can try searching for ones you’d prefer.

8-Chocolate Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are always fun & make any event extra special. There’s also the idea of gifting your family members or you’re loved on with their favorite chocolate & a greeting card. Try being creative by penning down words that are meaningful to your family.

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9-A Chocolate Bouquet

Only if you have the cash to splash! Doing so for your romantic interest will put them over the moon! A bespoke chocolate bouquet might burn a hole in your pocket but it’s completely worth it if you’re doing it for the right person. There are plenty of options if you try searching for them online.

10-Host a Chocolate Fondue Party

The best thing about chocolate fondue is that it can be eaten by a large number of people. Feel free to call all the chocolate addicts to your place & see the delightful look on their faces!


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