13 Ways to Celebrate NATIONAL LET’S LAUGH Day in 2020

By | March 16, 2020

2020 hasn’t been very kind to us which makes it perfect to laugh our heads off on National Let’s Laugh Day. In respect of this day, this article highlights 13 ways that’ll help you to have fun & spend time most entertainingly. Here’s the list:

Cat Video Marathon

Open the youtube app on your phone & watch these furry animals doing cute stuff that’ll make you LOL like crazy! If you’re already a cat owner, make sure you partner with them to watch other cats do silly stuff. Here’s an awesome video to get you started.

Mess With Your Phone’s Assistant

Asking Siri or Google Voice some mad questions can often result in awkward & funny answers. If you’re out of ideas, feel free to check this list of humorous questions from your phone’s virtual assistant. Don’t be surprised if you find some unexpected answers in response!

Prank Call Someone

But don’t go overboard! Call any one of your relatives from an anonymous number, telling them that you’re an auditor from the IRS asking for tax money! You can always search for some awesome prank call ideas or make up an original one by yourself!

Act Blind

Never hurts to go out & try something unique! Act blind by wearing any stylish pair of sunglasses like Wiley X & ask random strangers to assist you in ambulating across the road. You’ll be amazed at the number of people who’ll oblige! Don’t forget to let them know that you can see & watch them laugh in return!

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Celebrate at Work

Have a bash at work by telling each other funny anecdotes to destress. You can even pop some champagne while chattering. If you’re planning on pranking someone, beware of using any stinkbombs or causing fire alarms with no prior de-escalation plan. Make sure you don’t destroy official property in the process of having fun!

Binge on Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the funniest comedians ever to grace Hollywood of his stardom. Even if you’re new to the show, we guarantee you’ll be laughing like a swarm of flies after watching a few episodes. Moreover, here’s a list of most memorable Seinfield lines from the show!

Watch SNL

Saturday Night Live has always been amazing with its satirical comedy on politics. The sketches they do are very unique & would always make anyone giggle hard. If you’re updated on the political happenings, you’ll love watching this show on this day.

Photoshopping Your Family Pictures

It’s time you put your Photoshop skills to use! Replacing faces of family members in a memorable photo is one way to celebrate. You can even try giving names to each other & assign a photo accordingly. This would be a fun thing to do that’ll strengthen the bond between members of your family.

Watch Classic Slapstick Movies

This is a fun way to hang out with your friends & make fun of the movies you watch while cracking lame jokes. There are tons of movies to choose from. Try googling a bunch of them & let your friends choose which ones to watch for the evening.

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Act Like You’re Unwell

Try calling your boss with a weak voice & tell them you can’t make it at work today. You can tell them later if you want to if work is still among the list of high priority things to do on that day. Conversely, you can skip work & call your friends over at your house. Just you find a good cover just so your boss wouldn’t know!

Replying To Junk SMS

Yes, spammers deserve a vengeance from you! Try texting them with gnarly messages that’ll make them feel the burn! Besides, simply unsubscribing isn’t always that fun as compared to getting back at people who pester you!

Just Disappear

Simply escaping from your daily routine for a getaway is a great away to pull a prank on everyone who knows you. Just make sure you don’t cause any problems by letting them know that you’re in a safe place at the end of the day.

Follow Funny Twitter Accounts

Twitter has some of the funniest tweets that’ll make you laugh your head off. Try following these accounts for a start.

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