How to Know If Someone Is in Love with You?

By | March 10, 2020
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There can nothing be worse than missing out on someone who deeply loves you. Just because you were unable to identify their love and affection towards you, they might get disheartened and distance themselves from you.

The real question is how do we know if someone is in love with us? Will they send us a quote about true love or bend down on one knee to confess their love for us? The thing is that we can never be too sure.

Love is special since it has its own way of acting up. Love is unique and therefore, cannot be judged or planned. People do not choose who they fall in love with. You might not know when a friend or a colleague falls in love with you. This is the part where we need to learn the art of identifying the signs of why someone is in love with you.

Secret Signs to Know When Someone Is in Love with You

There are many occasions when people are unable to gather the courage to confess their love for the other person. Words can be controlled but actions cannot. Since actions speak way louder than words, here are some signs that can help you know when someone has a thing for you.

How they look at you

Eyes can do most of the talking and we cannot ignore that. Have you ever felt like someone is looking at everything you do? This nonverbal sign can actually mean something we don’t take note of.

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They get mad at the people who upset you

If your colleague gets super furious when someone gives you additional work or asks you to stay late to work, there might be something fishy about it. Since you and your colleague are on the same track looking for a better rank, why is he taking extra care for you?

They would want your opinion all the time

People who love someone often want to hear their opinion more often. Your friend might start asking for your advice all of a sudden which will show that what you are saying matters the most to him or her.

Putting your needs before theirs

This is one of the most prominent signs that someone is in love with you. When someone starts loving you, they would really care about what you say or do and would prefer to take a step back just so that you could be happier.

They would ask you to meet their family

Now this is a big step, isn’t it? If your friend suddenly wants you to mingle with her family by making sure you and her dad get along well, there is a strong chance that she is in love with you.

Detecting all these signs can be actually pretty helpful as this will make sure you don’t break their heart love quotes by keeping them on hold or leaning them all. However, it is important for people to just let it out if they love someone.

Love is all about sharing and expressing which is why it should not be contained in a jar at any cost. Look for these signs to not miss out on the beautiful people around you who love you, they are just introverts who cannot tell you that.

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