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By | March 6, 2020
perfect love quote for her

Let’s be honest, women are more demanding than boys when it comes to expressing your feelings for them. If you think you can spend a whole evening with your girlfriend and not tell her how pretty she looks, you are putting yourself in some serious problem, my friend.

Girls are different than boys and this is something we all can agree on. Women do want to hear about how they look, how they feel about a certain something, etc. Whether it is your mom, your daughter, your girlfriend, a friend or a cousin, love you quotes for her will help you melt her heart every time you have done something you should not have.

Now that we do agree that quotes for females should be readily used, let’s see how one can prepare the perfect quote for her. For this, you are required to know what women want to hear. This will make the job for you easier and faster.

Things women love to hear

A wrong phase can put you in some serious trouble and you know it. On the other hand, a perfectly composed quote can get you out of trouble within minutes. Here are some of the sexiest things you can say to any women to win her heart or make her love you even more.

  1. “Talk to me when you feel better”

It is always better to talk to her when she is feeling better. Talking in anger or frustration will only fuel things. In case the two of you have caught up in an argument and things are only getting worse, the best thing to say to her is that you are here when she feels better about things. Tell her that you are always going to be around and that you are a call away.

  1. “You look amazing in everything.”

We cannot deny the fact that women think they look fat in almost everything and that they should hit the gym at the earliest. It is important to tell your friend, mother or your girlfriend that she looks pretty even when she is in her night suit. Tell her that she looks beautiful even without a drop of makeup on her face.

  1. “We can fix this Together.”

There are many times when couples fight and end up breaking apart. They think this fight is the end of their relationship when in fact it is just a bump in their relationship. So, answer me here. Do you actually think the feelings you have for someone just end right after you two have had an argument? I don’t think so. Relationships are far more special than you think.

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Having a boyfriend who has commitment and is not afraid of the setbacks, is actually what women look for. The perfect love quote for her would include all this. You must acknowledge her beauty and tell her that you are happy with her.

Love only blossoms when it is shared and expressed. There is no problem in this world that cannot be fixed if you don’t talk it through. Using these quotes, you can tell her that it is special and that you want her to stay with you for as long as you guys can make it work.

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